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When do I have to give this statement to my employee?

The statement must be given to the employee on or before the first day of the start of employment. An employee can complain to an employment tribunal if an employer fails to provide them with a statement of main terms and conditions.

The statement can cover other issues which an employer may wish to include such as the right to put the employee on garden leave or pay them in lieu of notice rather than having them work the notice. This is why many employers choose to have formal contracts of employment as it enables them to ensure that they not only comply with their obligations under the Employment Rights Act 1996 but also ensure that they and the employee understand the nature of their relationship and their obligations to one another.

Any ambiguity can lead to misunderstanding and disputes and it is therefore advisable for both the employer and the employee to give careful consideration to the terms which will apply to the employment relationship and to record these in writing. Written contracts of employment can help to avoid any uncertainty and ambiguity.

Do you prepare contracts of employment?

We do prepare tailored contracts and handbooks for many clients. We would assess your needs and draft contracts, policies and procedures which work for your organisation. We charge a fixed fee for this ranging from £500 to £1000 plus vat depending on the complexity. If you are a Watertight HR & Legal client you may have these provided free of charge.

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