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Redundancy Payments

Employees who have completed 2 years or more continuous employment will be entitled to a statutory redundancy payment. This is calculated with reference to their earnings, age and length of service. The longer an employee has worked for the employer the more redundancy pay they will be entitled to. An enhanced payment can be made by the employer if desired.

Redundancy Selection Criteria

Criteria such as ‘last in first out’ (LIFO), the future needs of the business, capability and performance of the employee in the past, and conduct can all be used when selecting staff for redundancy. However, it is essential to use criteria objectively and reasonably to be able to demonstrate that the selection process was fair.

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Bhayani Law Redundancy Guidance Pack

We can provide you with a tool kit to assist you in undertaking redundancies and we can guide you through the process to minimise the risk of a tribunal claim.

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