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Who should conduct the investigation?

This depends on the type of business you run. You can get an external investigator, a line manager or a HR manager. Using your HR manager to conduct the investigation is not advisable unless you have a spare HR manager to advise on the disciplinary hearing so that they have not been involved in the investigation. Often in a small business, it is the owner-manager or one of the directors – sometimes resulting in allegations of bias by the employee. It is also hugely time-consuming and can be stressful.

What help can we give to you?

As well as providing legal advice on any aspect of an investigation, our Employment Law and HR Advisor team includes HR investigators who can come in and investigate any issue for you, saving you time and ensuring a thorough, objective investigation, leaving you free to run your business. Our investigators are trained to understand the important HR issues and to make sure investigations are compliant from an employment law perspective – giving you the peace of mind that if any disputes arise you will be in the best position to deal with them.

We work on day and half day rates and remember, if you are a Watertight member, you get 10% off our fees.

Upcoming Events & HR Training for Employers

As experienced HR Advisors and Employment Law solicitors we see first-hand how HR issues can affect both the employee and the employer.

Our training is very well received by attendees and is delivered by lawyers and HR advisors, with combined knowledge and expertise, in a practical way which works for your business.

Bhayani Law clients and charities get discounts on our training and some of our training is available at discounted rates with public funding between 40-100%.

Our events allow you to meet other businesses and build your connections, so do book if you want to come along.

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