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Human Resource Consultancy

Specialist projects often require specialist skills, and sometimes with already stretched HR teams, finding and securing the right talent can prove challenging.

In addition, if your business is growing at pace often, we find that some HR services can fall by the wayside, resulting in non-compliance, unmotivated employees, and no support for continued business growth.

However, we understand that having a complete HR team might not be a viable option, and as HR covers a broad spectrum of services, it can be a costly area of business.

This is where outsourcing your HR services can help.

Providing you with a range of different HR functions, now you can reap all the benefits of outsourcing HR while continuing to operate effectively and efficiently.

So, what are our top four reasons why you need human resource consultancy, and what are the advantages of outsourcing HR functions?

1. Find the right candidates with the right skills quickly and easily  

Professional HR consultants know recruitment.

And using their experience and knowledge of the latest employment laws and recruitment market trends, HR consultants can positively influence and inform your business strategy when recruiting the right talent.


Because outsourced HR consultants have access to well-established and extensive databases of candidates. Candidates with various skill sets and ability levels, providing you with the right candidates at the right time to help your business grow.

Working alongside an HR consultant helps to reduce the recruitment burden and give you back the most valuable resource to you…time.

Helping to keep workforces motivated, support business growth, and fill those talent and skills gaps, by outsourcing your recruitment, you have access to experience and insights, as well as to a database of talent.

2. Effective and efficient processes that work for you

One of the major benefits of HR outsourcing is having another pair of professional eyes scan your current HR policies and processes, looking at documents that you must update and processes that could be improved and streamlined.

This streamlining practice can create many efficiencies that can boost employee motivation and morale and increase productivity as you receive objective feedback that allows you to understand your strengths and areas of further opportunity.

Streamlining processes can also be linked to performance management, where one of the benefits of hiring an HR consultant is that they can review existing programmes and create new, more suitably appropriate appraisal programmes that benefit you and your employees.

This allows you to focus on other core business areas – those areas that visibly drive revenue.

3. Saves money

By outsourcing parts or all of your HR services to a professional consultant, you will save time and resources, leading to efficient cost savings.

Saving money and creating efficiencies are two of the biggest benefits of HR outsourcing. Now you have the opportunity to outsource the services you want when you want them, which can make it much more convenient than hiring a full HR team (who you then have to spend time and money onboarding), and you don’t have to invest in HR tools and technology.

Outsourcing also means you have access to specific areas of expertise and access to well-rounded services provided by specialists in their field.

Ultimately, more streamlined processes = greater efficiencies = cost savings.

4. Stay compliant

It is vital that you stay abiding by all employment laws, and to remove the stress and anxiety of this, an HR consultant’s role is to keep you compliant and away from any legal challenges.

Providing you with expert, experienced advice, reputable HR consultants can answer your questions, support key business improvement areas, carry out training, review internal practice and policies, look at ways to improve employee retention and enhance company reputation.

Training in HR policies and procedures is also essential to remaining compliant, with training available for all employees, not just new starters.

An important point to note is that employment law does vary from country to country; however, HR consultants get this and continue to go above and beyond to ensure you stay on the right side of the law.

Advantages of outsourcing HR

Human resource outsourcing allows you to concentrate on what your business needs when you need it.

Providing you with peace of mind and a fresh perspective, now you can improve your current HR strategies, increase productivity, fill skills gaps quickly and effectively, and save time and money.

On hand and equipped to manage all of your HR requirements, Bhayani Law.

Providing you with personalised solutions to help meet all of your current HR needs, our vast range of services allows companies to improve and continually grow.

Let us reduce the stress and strain on your HR team or act as your complete external HR partner.

Call us today on 0333 888 1360 or email your HR requirements to [email protected] and find out how we can help you further today.

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