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Mediation works as a tool to bring two or more parties together to communicate clearly and try to reach an agreement acceptable to all involved.

Working with a mediator allows a neutral third party to break down parties’ barriers created by their workplace conflict and help identify the underlying issues the parties are facing.

By breaking down barriers and identifying the underlying issues, mediation can then facilitate clearer communication between the parties.

Mediation works as the parties will have the authority to discuss and propose solutions to settle their dispute without involving third-party decision-making. By giving this control, solutions can be designed that focus on the parties underlying issues and concerns.

With clearer communication parties can then explore a future where the conflict does not exist, and realistic solutions can be achieved to resolve the dispute.

This Monday’s takeaways to remember are:

  1. Communication is clarity
  2. Identity key issues
  3. Focus on the future without conflict


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