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Difficulties in the workplace can arise for many different reasons. From scenarios ranging from taking the last biscuit to the more time consuming and costly difficulties like bullying and harassment allegations, poor performance and even terminations.

These difficulties in the workplace can negatively impact staff wellbeing and cost businesses significant time and money to manage.

Whilst workplace difficulties can be an unavoidable reality for many businesses, mediation can be an appropriate and cost-effective solution to workplace difficulties.

Mediation can help repair and restore workplace harmony at any stage of a disagreement or dispute, these can include:

  • Personality clashes at work
  • Communication problems between team members
  • Professional relation breakdowns
  • Bullying or harassment allegations

Mediation may not be appropriate on its own for when:

  • staff wish to raise formal grievances proceedings
  • staff are not willing to mediate, as this can undermine the purpose of mediation being voluntary

This Monday’s takeaways to remember are:

  1. Think carefully about your workplace procedure,
  2. Voluntary commitment is best,
  3. Difficulties are common, but not forever.
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